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Mic’s approach to news is as unique as our generation. Young people will define the future and we deserve a news outlet that offers quality coverage tailored to us. We are hungry for news that keeps us informed and helps us make sense of the world.

Mic was founded in 2011 by Chris Altchek and Jake Horowitz under the shared belief that millennials are inquisitive, have a healthy skepticism for conventional wisdom, and crave substantive news to spark interesting conversations. This sensibility informs everything we do.

We’ve since built a rockstar team of editors, reporters, producers, designers and engineers. All of us believe that stories and information have the power to shape the world, especially when they challenge traditional narratives. We are now reporting original stories, publishing smart analysis and producing high-quality videos for an audience of more than 30 million people each month.

What We Cover


NewsMic strives to be first and best to the stories that matter to young people, from world events to entertainment and everything in between. What separates us from our competitors is our true mission to find the important stories nobody else is telling and put them into context for an audience that demands a complete picture of the world.


PolicyMic cuts through the noise to help explain what matters and why, while still reveling in the fun, quirky news stories that reveal something larger about this political moment. We bring our distinct point of view to the defining policy issues of our generation — student debt, inequality, drug policy, criminal justice and more.


WorldMic brings the most important issues around the globe to our audience’s doorstep. We chronicle the young people changing the world in their home countries, the oppression people face on a daily basis, the global threats we all bear and the life-changing events our engaged audience needs to know.


IdentitiesMic documents, investigates and tells dynamic stories at the intersection of identity and experience. We are leaders in reporting and writing on race, class, gender and sexuality, with a critical focus on how these categories impact our lives as millennials.


ConnectionsMic speaks to the universal experiences we’re all facing, the ways in which we come together, and the relationships we share. We strive to contextualize our common problems and answer the less-obvious questions that people don’t feel okay discussing with their friends, like sex, money, religion, family, aging, mental health, and more.


TechMic is putting the future into focus. We believe that the news that matters to young people has less to do with gadgets and everything to do with technology's impact on the world, from breakthroughs in renewable energy to how virtual reality shifts our perceptions to how we'll all survive the robot apocalypse.


ScienceMic brings your view of the world into context with the universe at large. We’re exploring the boundaries of space and the depths of the ocean floor and everything in between. We’re cracking open our brains and our genes to find solutions to our greatest human problems.


ArtsMic looks beyond celebrity gossip, casting notices and movie trailers to help readers determine and understand what matters in the space. We examine the problems with Hollywood and comics and pop culture, but we also offer solutions. Above all, we do it with intelligence and data and context. ArtsMic isn't a lecture — it's a conversation.


StyleMic is less about the runway and more about highlighting inclusivity within the ever-diversifying world of style. We create stories that push back at the formulaic ideals imposed by the fashion world, highlighting lesser known designers/brands not only creating amazing work, but uncovering how their work stands to teach or inform us.


MusicMic covers a wide variety of acts, from legacy artists to up-and-comers, consistently making a case for why music and musicians matter. We're not taste-making in the traditional sense, but when an album drops containing significant social or political critique, MusicMic seeks to be the place where young people come to discuss it.

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Our approach to advertising mirrors our editorial ethos: to create authentic stories that are informing and engaging for this generation. Advertising with Mic bridges the gap between your brand and our sought-after audience by telling your story with our unique sensibility and trusted voice.

Mic works with brand partners to create custom branded content, a magazine-inspired “Hero” advertisement unit and editorial sponsorships. To work with Mic, email For more information on branded content specifically, check out our Branded Content FAQ page.

What They're Saying

"Stories that intelligently cover serious issues important to young people."
"Mic is a news site aimed at the highly coveted millennials, who are increasingly looking online for fresh takes on relevant issues. Among other topics, the site covers world news, policy, technology and science."
"Mic thinks it can stand out with an appealingly simple premise: Focus on college educated readers and present them only with serious news."
"Closer than any of its competitors to finding the promised land for new media companies, a middle ground between deeply reported stories and listicles."
"The focus on youth has paid dividends for Mic, garnering a monthly audience of 30 million readers, 73% of whom are under 35."


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